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“I recovered over $1,200 in past-due payments the day I signed up for HookFeed!”

Colin Nederkoorn,

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How it Works

1. Connect to Stripe

Connect HookFeed to your Stripe account with 1-click. We analyze your customer base with no code necessary on your part. Then we use public and private data sources to build a profile on every customer.

2. We Segment Your Customers

HookFeed monitors various data sources, and automatically segments your customers based on their actions. This builds a crystal clear picture of your customers and how they impact your bottom line at any given time.

3. Customer Insights – Anywhere

Learn about your customers, and increase lifetime value, with our web app, iPhone app, and multiple integrations into support tools like Help Scout, Groove, and ZenDesk.

Use Cases

Filter & Search for Customers

Some questions you can answer with HookFeed: "Has anyone from Google ever signed up for a trial?" "Which of my plans has the most churn?" "Which of my customers are most valuable?"

Track & Value Customer Segments

Customer segments in HookFeed are updated in real-time, as customers move between them. Contextual analytics support each segment, giving you insight into likely behavior of certain customers.

Rescue At-Risk Customers

Customer cards expire. Sometimes months after signup. Sometimes years. HookFeed keeps you posted on whose cards are expiring soon, so you can rescue them before they churn.

Monitor Growth Goals

Use our daily digests to keep your team in the loop with your progress towards growth goals. Track MRR daily, and know immediately when customers hit a rough patch.

Identify MVP Customers

Know who has raised funding, who has a large team of employees, and how likely they are to convert to a paid customer.

Track Customer Relationships

HookFeed keeps your customer records up-to-date, with zero data entry necessary from your team.

Inform Your Support Team

Connect HookFeed to your Help Scout account to view up-to-date customer & payment data next to support conversations.

Know When Good/Bad Things Happen

About 5% of credit card charges will fail. HookFeed tells you when it happens, and gives your team the context they need to rescue your customer.

Happy Customers

“HookFeed is more than just metrics and raw data, it provides deep customer insights. And I love how incredibly easy it is to use!”

Walter Chen, iDoneThis

“The daily email updates are really helpful. Being able to see our ARR and yesterday's net sales in summary is so handy. It saves us time and when the email lands, it allows the team to get excited about how we're progressing!

Oliver Bridge, Cornerstone

“HookFeed turns your inbox into a sales gong! We love it at StackLead. It gives us laser-sharp insight into our customers and revenue. It's already replaced several janky scripts to pull Stripe data into our internal dashboard and I'm very excited to see where they go.”

Gordon Wintrob, StackLead

“I tried different tools to find the right fit, and HookFeed's metrics proved to be the most accurate. I want a tool I can trust for reporting to investors and help make decisions. The other tools were off by quite a large margin. Also, watching people come out of trial by the minute is weirdly addictive!”

Murat Mutlu, Marvel

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“This is one of the things I've been hoping someone would build since we launched.” John Collison, Co-Founder of Stripe