Email Alerts

It's never been easier to stay on top of critical customer events.

You choose which events are important to you and your teammates, and get notified as soon as they happen.

Get Notified Instantly of:

  • 3Charges
  • 3Failed Charges
  • 3Refunds
  • 3New Subscriptions
  • 3Upgrades
  • 3Downgrades
  • 3Cancellations
  • 3Disputed Charges
  • 3Settled Disputes
  • 3Bank Transfers
  • 3Failed Bank Transfers

Route Alerts to Teammates

  • ;Want all failed or disputed charge alerts to go to your bookeeper?
  • ;Want all new signups to go to your marketing team?
  • ;Want all upgrade/downgrade alerts to go to Jeff in customer service?
  • ;Only want cancellations to go to the Founder?

We let you decide what works best for your workflow, and make it super easy to set up your alerts.

Daily Email Digests

  • Yesterday's Net Revenue
  • Yesterday's Activity
  • Current Number of Paying Customers
  • Current MRR
  • Current Run Rate

Once-a-day, get a snapshot of how your business vitals are performing. Daily summaries give you just enough information to keep your finger on the pulse of your business.

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