Customer Intelligence

Truly understand your customers, why some are valuable, and others aren't.

Analytics aren't just numbers. They represent people and the actions they take. Understanding them, given the proper context, is massively valuable

Customer Data

HookFeed automatically pulls in all the social info we can find to create rich and rounded profiles of your customers, including things like:

  • Twitter, Facebook, and AngelList Profiles
  • Avatars
  • Location
  • URLs
  • and more...

Company Data

We also pull everything we can about each customer's business to help round out the view of your customer base. This includes things like:

  • Employee count
  • Funding raised
  • Market categories
  • and more...

Make Sense of It All

Want to see the lifetime value of only customers that have raised over $1 million, or have over 100 employees? How about who's been with you the longest and has the biggest Twitter following? Get creative and view your business through a whole new lens.

Filter & Sort

Pulling together all this info is one thing. Actually making it useful at a glance is another. Being able to easily filter and sort by any type of criteria you want opens up a whole new world of insights, enabling you to look at your customers from new perspectives.

Meaningful Metrics

The ability to view flexible customer segments is great – but the real magic happens when your critical metrics are applied to those segments. The result is 100% customizable insights that can be trajectory-changing. It empowers your team to make informed decisions that aren't possible when you're working from a typical dashboard.

dNo Data Entry

Gone are the days of manually typing repetitive information about your customers.

dNo Code

All we need from you is one-click and we handle the rest. It's all pretty magical.

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