Customer Analytics

You don't need a dashboard, you need thoughful metrics that actually mean something to your business.

Per-Plan Metrics

Know the impact that billing plans have on customer behavior & value. Evaluate individual plans or even groups of similar plans.

Cohort Metrics

Metrics like churn rate are so much more than just a number. You need cohorts, in addition to segments, and constraints to fully understand them.


Track the growth of your monthly recurring revenue and the triggers that move the needle.

Customer LTV

Know who your most valuable customers are, either overall, or within any custom segment.

Average LTV

Dig into custom segments and understand the effects that various attributes have on customer value.

Net Revenue

Whereas MRR is useful for tracking expansion and contraction, net revenue is great for understanding actual charges and refunds.

Customer Churn

Our churn page is, frankly, mind-blowing. Stop neglecting the most-important metric in your SaaS and start digging into valuable insights.

Trial-to-Paid Cohorts

Track the effectiveness of your onboarding by monitoring week-over-week and month-over-month trial conversion rates.

E-commerce Customer Analytics

Net Revenue

Track the growth of your sales over time, including refunds.

Avg. Customer LTV

How much does the average customer spend in your store?

Avg. # of Purchases

Do customers buy from you once? Or do they keep coming back?

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