Empower Your Support Team

And watch them work their magic

Improve Support Conversations

Give your team easy visibility into the critical customer information they need to provide the best support. View customer data like lifetime value, purchase history, length of time as a customer, and more — all right alongside support conversations.

Optimize Outreach Efforts

Arm your team with the key information they need to initiate conversations with customers from different segments. For example, they'll be able to see at a glance who is past due, for how long, and why.

Decrease Response Time to Critical Issues

Route critical alerts, like failed or disputed charges, to the right person on your team and drastically increase your chances of rescuing the payment and the customer.

Simplify Data Sources

There's no need for your team to have to do any digging or even log in to multiple applications to get the info they need to work with customers. HookFeed has all the info your team needs in one place, and nothing they don't.


View Stripe/HookFeed customer data next to customer conversations in Help Scout

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