Get the Most out of Your Audience

Analytics specifically curated to identify the value your your leads.

improve web conversions of your highest value prospects. identify your "sweet spot" segments valuable insights that translate into actual dollars Leveraging account-based segmentation findings beyond analytics and applying it to your content strategy What are your lead segments worth? We'll tell you in actual dollars and cents. reduce time to conversion increase customer ltv idenitfy friction points identify your most (and least) profitable campaigns optimize your underperforming cohorts understand buyer behavior

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Net Revenue

E-Mail Subscriber Net Revenue

Conversion Rate

E-Mail Subscriber Conversion Rate

Days until Conversion

E-Mail Subscriber Days until Conversion

Average Lifetime Value

E-Mail Subscriber Average Lifetime Value

Purchases per Customer

E-Mail Subscriber Purchases per Customer

One-Click. Instant Insights.

Integrations galore! With just a few clicks, you can start sending both subscriber data, and payment data to us. From there, we crunch the numbers, identify high-value customers, and report back on the effectiveness of your marketing channels.

Segment & Tag Leads

We import your existing segments, campaigns, and tags from your email marketing provider. Drill down and compare the value of customers based on their prior behavior.


Use our API to import additional subscriber data, or to export the customer profiles and metrics we compile. Extend our dashboard and keep a finger on the pulse of your product launches.

Help Desk Integrations

We can export your customer profiles to Help Scout, Zendesk, Gmail, and other apps so you can view customer purchase history/subscriptions while you're having support conversations.

Private Beta

Pricing is $10/1,000 subscribers while we're in private beta. If you'd like access, e-mail our founder.