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Our Responsibility as Analytics Providers

Delivering Transparency & Building Trust in Your Product

The story of how we handled a recent bug in our Churn Cohorts calculation, and what you can learn from it.


Using Estimates, Experiments, and Evidence to Understand your Customers

At Codeship we have a simple rule: Everything you think is only an assumption. You need to verify your assumptions by running experiments and delivering evidence.


"If Only We Had __________."

The deliberation and blame in the minds of SaaS founders — and how you can overcome it.

Life is tough as a small bootstrapped team. You’re constantly playing the role of underdog, with few wins, little appreciation, and constant doubt. There is never enough time, money, or energy to achieve what you want in the timeframe you want it.


Unfounded Founder Fears

And Why You Have To Get Past Them

I laid awake almost every night that week playing mental ping pong. I was convinced we weren’t ready yet, though all “expert” advice would preach otherwise. 'Launch early! Launch Often! Iterate!' Screw that.


When Profitability is a Red Flag

Or, The Difference Between a Business and a Startup

In a recent interview with Jason Cohen, Founder of WP Engine, he said something that, at the time, seemed jarring to me, though I’ve since come to understand his point. He said: “Profitability is the last thing you want. Profitability indicates you’re out of ideas.”


Don't Blow Your Opportunity to Squash Customer Objections

How we launched a sign up page that didn't address the objections of our customers, and what we did to fix it.


Get Out of Denial About Your Startup's Priorities

With One, Simple Question

As startup founders, we’re all looking for ways to move that needle. But when was the last time you stopped to question your efforts and whether or not they’re the ‘right ones’? I can say I did this zero times...until a few weeks ago.